​Exceptionnal Dry Aged Meat & Asian Fusion Kitchen

Fresh and quality products as close as possible to our Artisans - Farmers - Butcher - Winegrowers, all combined with a friendly service for a real Gastronomic Experience


Dry-Aged Meat

 Selection of Dry Aged Meat from local breed or all over the world, our butcher is selecting the best pieces to be cooked on our BBQ !

Brew Restaurant

Our craft beers are made and brewed in our Walls


Lunch: 12pm to 1:30pm - Dinner : 7:15pm to 9:h30pm

Ripaille Brewery

Brew House- Craft Beer - Ephemeral recipes - Brew Restaurant

Dark Neipa

Summer Sour Ale type which tastes strongly Passion Fruit !

It is original by its amber color which breaks the codes (We find mainly light colors for the Sour)... Go ahead Francky!

Coco Session

Travel to the tropics, fruity and tropical hops reminiscent of holidays !

It's sweet, aromatic and tangy. Relax Bro..

Take out your best sunglasses and Enjoy !


A pure IPA that tastes of Chrismas Tree and resin ! Its bitterness is concrete and powerful...

In short, everything you expect from an IPA and there are plenty of others to discover...​

Sharing & Pleasure

Our table favors the Terroir, the supply in short circuit, the valorization of our local producers and the respect of the product in a warm atmosphere and authentic plates

​Creative Traditional Kitchen, Dry-Aged Meat cooked on the Barbecue, Asian Fusion and Brewpub in the heart of the Loire Valley Castles.

Exceptional Meat

Premium Breed, Organic feeding, Respect of Animals

Craft Beers

Brewed in House - Brewpub

Local Food Network

Close to our Regional Producers and Artisans

A Gift for Your Relatives

Offer a Gift Card to Everyone you love

A gourmet, authentic, seasonal and local cuisine highlighting local products. We are constantly looking to offer you the best, especially with a unique butcher's selection, to take you on a journey through Kenny's Filipino dishes or traditional dishes revisited by our Chef Cyprien - respecting the seasons and the product above all. Tribute also to our beloved winegrowers without whom a meal would not have the same flavor and more than 170 references await you in the cellar...

And when it comes to Meat, eat less, but eat better!

For hop lovers, let yourself be tempted by different draft beers and bottles brazed on site! On sunny days, you can take advantage of our beautiful shaded terrace to relax... and why not taste the summer sweets concocted by our Pastry Chef Mathieu.


The Terroir is our Value, customer satisfaction our requirement

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